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When it comes to selecting the best doctor for your health and cosmetic goals, we know how important it is to make informed decisions. To make it easier for you, Dr. Eagan has compiled all of her patient reviews in one spot. As a well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area, Dr. Eagan is extremely grateful when her patients take the time to leave her reviews. Not only does it help potential patients, but it helps her continue learning how to best meet the needs of current ones. Written by both current and former patients, we encourage you to read through our reviews to learn more.

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Review from S.Y.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 03, 2018

UPDATE 4/3/2018 (with CoolSculpting): I just absolutely loved my previous experience with Dr. Eagan, that I've gone back to her for CoolSculpting on my love-handles and belly. After a couple of months, I'm in disbelief and incredibly happy with the results I'm seeing. My love-handles look more trimmed down and my stomach looks much flatter and smoother. She is seriously my go-to doctor for anything and everything now. I had my first cycle of CoolSculpting back in January. Previously, during the consultation appointment, Dr. Eagan informed me that each cycle would reduce fat on a targeted area by 20%-25%, so I decided to go with two cycles per area. My second cycle took place a month later in February. She also explained that there is no downtime and you can return to working/exercising right away. Even with CoolSculpting, you'll still need to continue eating healthy and be consistent with exercising. It's no miracle quick fix to losing weight, but more so to sculpt down trouble areas, with full results within 1-3 months. During the procedure, Dr. Eagan was extremely accommodating. It took only 35 minutes per area. She has two machines, so two areas can be treated at the same time. My love-handles and belly felt sore and swollen for a few days after, but that didn't stop me from continuing to exercise. At night I wore a compression band which definitely felt like it helped. After 5 days, the swollen areas subsided. And after 2 weeks, that's when I started seeing a difference. Each week after and up until now, I feel a noticeable reduction in the amount of fat in my love-handles and stomach (with a pinch test) and can visually see these areas smoothed out. I would highly recommend Dr. Eagan if you're looking into doing CoolSculpting. She is absolutely amazing, kind, and extremely knowledgeable, and the same goes for her staff, Loreena. ORIGINAL 9/12/2017 (with Masseter Muscle Reduction with Botox): Dr. Eagan is truly amazing. She's personable and knowledgeable. I've struggled with how wide my jawline looked and with clenching my teeth at night, and she recommended masseter reduction with Botox. I couldn't be happier with the results. After 3 months, I saw a significant difference in how slender my face started to look. A bonus is that I don't grind my teeth at night because the masseter muscles are relaxed. Would highly recommend Dr. Eagan. :) More

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