How Long Can Swelling Last After Lip Augmentation?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 11/30/2023

Learn how to effectively manage post-procedure swelling after your lip augmentation with advice from Dr. Eagan at New Orleans Plastic Surgery.


Get Rid of Sagging Skin After Weight Loss with I Heart My Face Treatment

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 10/13/2023

Discover how to get rid of sagging skin after weight loss with the I Heart My Face treatment with Dr. Michelle Eagan at New Orleans Plastic Surgery.


Achieve Smooth-Looking Skin with BOTOX® Injections

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 09/23/2023

Discover the transformative power of BOTOX for youthful skin, understanding its benefits, safety, and lasting impact with the help of Dr. Eagan.


Can Tummy Tuck Surgery Help Get Rid of Diastasis Recti?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 09/01/2023

Learn how Dr. Eagan can transform your life by effectively treating diastasis recti with a tummy tuck, improving your look and physical well-being.


Get Rid of Excess Belly Skin With Tummy Tuck Surgery

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 07/24/2023

Learn how Dr. Michelle Eagan can get rid of your excess belly skin and boost your confidence with tummy tuck surgery at New Orleans Plastic Surgery.


What Is the Best Way to Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 06/19/2023

Breast augmentation recovery requires getting enough restful sleep. Discover what happens after breast augmentation when working with our clinic.


Fill in Flat Cheeks With the Help of Dermal Fillers

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 05/31/2023

Hollow or flat cheeks can make you feel less than your best. Read about dermal filler treatment for skin rejuvenation and how it works at our clinic.


What Should You Avoid After Lip Augmentation?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 04/29/2023

Lip augmentation procedures can enhance your features and confidence. Learn what to avoid after fat grafting so you can have a successful recovery.


Give Your Face the Contour it Deserves With the I Heart My Face Procedure

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 04/01/2023

Anti-aging creams are not enough to treat wrinkles or sagging skin. Read about a revolutionary contouring treatment, I Heart My Face, at our clinic.


How Should You Prepare for BOTOX® Injections?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 02/28/2023

BOTOX injections can smooth away deep creases and wrinkles in many areas. Learn about wrinkle relaxers and how to prepare for this cosmetic treatment.


Three Common Areas Where Men Get BOTOX® Injections

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 01/30/2023

Wrinkle relaxers reduce lines in the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Learn about BOTOX for men and how our cosmetic treatment works here.


How Quickly Can Tummy Tuck Scars Fade After Surgery?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 12/26/2022

Tummy tuck surgery is a great way to tone your body. Read about abdominoplasty scars and how we reduce their appearance through post-treatment care.


When Can I Expect Swelling After Breast Augmentation to Subside?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 11/25/2022

Breast augmentation recovery does take a little time and effort, but the results are worth it! See how we make recovery from cosmetic surgery easy.


Refresh Your Appearance After Weight Loss With Injectable Dermal Fillers

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 10/28/2022

Injectable dermal fillers can make your face appear fuller after weight loss. See how our advanced clinic manages loose skin, wrinkles, and more.


Lip Augmentation vs Lip Filler. Learn the Benefits of Both Treatments

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 09/27/2022

There are several forms of lip augmentation on the market, including fat grafting and dermal fillers. Learn the advantages of each treatment here.


Three Natural Signs of Aging and How to Restore Facial Skin

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 08/25/2022

Signs of aging like volume loss can be managed with wrinkle relaxers and fat grafting. Discover the benefits of the I Heart My Face treatment here.


Restore Your Facial Volume Loss With Dermal Fillers

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 07/29/2022

Volume loss causes deep creases and wrinkles in the face. Learn how cosmetic injections like dermal fillers restore facial volume for a youthful look.


How Much Bigger Can Breasts Get With Breast Augmentation?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 06/18/2022

It's important to learn about breast augmentation options like implant size and type before undergoing surgery. Read more about our many options here.


Will a Tummy Tuck Take Away My Beer Belly?

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 05/24/2022

A beer belly can make you feel less than confident about your midsection. Read about abdominoplasty and how our team creates a slimmer appearance.


How to Avoid Bruising After BOTOX® Injections

Michelle Eagan, M.D. | 04/29/2022

BOTOX injections can reduce Crow's feet and frown lines. Learn how to avoid side effects like bruising after wrinkle relaxer treatment in New Orleans.


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