When Can I Expect Swelling After Breast Augmentation to Subside?

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Breast augmentation is a life-changing procedure for many women, but it's important to understand the recovery process and what to expect after cosmetic surgery. Swelling is common for several weeks but can be managed with the right approach.

This week, cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Eagan provides a general overview of post-operative swelling and provides tips for feeling your best during breast augmentation recovery in New Orleans, LA. Call New Orleans Plastic Surgery to see how this popular treatment works and how you can plan for your own optimal outcome.

Where are incisions made during breast augmentation?

Dr. Eagan provides custom treatment plans based on the type of implant chosen, the size of the implant, and where it is placed. Incisions can be made around the areola, in the crease underneath the breast, or through the underarm. We use skin adhesives and sutures to close the incisions and minimize scarring as much as possible.

Implants may be placed under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle. Where the implant is placed may affect where you may experience swelling and how long it takes to go down.

What is recovery like after breast augmentation?

Most women experience mild to moderate swelling in the breast area for several weeks. You may also experience bruising and soreness. Patients at New Orleans Plastic Surgery are given a compression garment to control any unwanted side effects and help the breasts adjust to their new contours.

Post-surgery instructions should be followed closely, including resting and taking medications as directed. Our patients in New Orleans, LA should also abstain from activities like driving a car until they have been cleared by cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Eagan.

How to relieve swelling after cosmetic surgery

Swelling is a natural part of the breast augmentation recovery process, but it can be managed. Dr. Eagan recommends keeping yourself elevated whenever possible and applying cold compresses for 15 – 20 minutes at a time. We also advise patients to sleep on their backs in a lifted position, not on their stomachs.

Post-op follow-up appointments are critical for optimal recovery and results. During these visits, Dr. Eagan will check your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your recovery plan as needed. We also provide tips for reducing swelling, so you can remain comfortable and enjoy your results.

Additional considerations about recovery

We understand that everyone is different, and breast augmentation recovery can take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks. It also depends on how well you follow instructions, avoid strenuous activities, and refrain from any other factors that could risk damaging your outcomes.

In general, swelling after breast augmentation should begin to subside soon after surgery. With the right approach, you can enjoy your long-lasting results in no time.

Enjoy a successful breast augmentation recovery

Augmented breasts look and feel the best when recovery is managed with care. Call New Orleans Plastic Surgery to learn about your options for cosmetic surgery and what to expect from start to finish. Cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Eagan understands your needs as a patient and takes the time to provide the needed support throughout your journey. Call to book a consultation and start planning for your ideal outcomes in New Orleans, LA.

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