How Should You Prepare for BOTOX® Injections?

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BOTOX injections can reduce unwanted wrinkles and help you look years younger. But as with any cosmetic treatment, patients should take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and successful experience.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michelle Eagan knows the importance of preparation and shares her advice for anyone considering wrinkle relaxers at New Orleans Plastic Surgery. Call now to book a consultation and learn about your first session – our New Orleans, LA team is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible BOTOX results.

Step one: Make a list of questions to ask your provider

All patients should have a clear understanding of BOTOX and how it works before moving forward with treatment. So, before your scheduled appointment, make a list of questions to ask your provider. For instance, you may want to find out how long your results will last, what side effects might occur, and how often injections should be repeated in order to maintain results.

During a consultation, New Orleans Plastic Surgery will address your concerns and explain the procedure in detail, including what areas of the face will be treated. We also discuss realistic expectations and develop a personalized treatment plan that helps meet your needs.

Step two: Review pre-treatment instructions

Dr. Eagan can perform a quick health assessment to ensure that you’re an appropriate candidate for BOTOX injections. Ideal candidates have no underlying medical conditions that could increase their risk of side effects. Patients should also discontinue any medications or supplements that may impact their outcomes. For example, blood-thinning drugs like ibuprofen increase your risk of bleeding and bruising.

Cosmetic treatments like BOTOX can cause some discomfort. Before your appointment, take a few moments and focus on calming yourself down. Taking deep breaths or engaging in a favorite hobby can manage stress and make you feel more relaxed before your procedure in New Orleans, LA.

Step three: Be willing to follow post-treatment instructions

New Orleans Plastic Surgery provides a detailed set of post-BOTOX guidelines for every patient. Depending on your needs, we may include information about cleaning and caring for your skin. Patients should avoid massaging the injection site for 24 hours to prevent the product from migrating to other areas. Following these instructions is crucial in preventing complications like infection or improper healing.

Step four: Trust your provider

BOTOX results appear within several days to one week after cosmetic treatment. Your skin should appear smoother and more youthful for three to four months at a time. Patients can maintain their refreshed outcomes by getting touch-up appointments every few months. Dr. Eagan creates custom plans that account for your aesthetic goals.

Trust and communication are essential components of cosmetic care, so don’t be afraid to voice any concerns that come up. We're dedicated to helping patients feel comfortable and confident throughout their BOTOX journey.

Prepare for BOTOX treatment

Wrinkle relaxers do require some preparation, but the results are considered worth it. There's no better time than now to learn about the process. Contact New Orleans Plastic Surgery to get started and find out how you can benefit from BOTOX injections in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Michelle Eagan will help you get one step closer to achieving the look you desire.

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